Palm Beach Cosmetic Services

palm beach cosmetic

We have an amazing staff that can help with any and all Palm Beach cosmetic services and needs!

We offer a wide range of Palm Beach cosmetic services from dermal fillers to skin tightening and more! For injectables we offer BOTOX, DYSPORT, RESTYLANE AND JUVEDERM. These injectables can help with wrinkles and lines around the eyes, forehead, around the mouth and also fill in lips and fill in cheekbones.

The lasers at our office have many different purposes. The lasers are non-invasive used for hair removal (painless laser head with cooling tip) and tattoo removal as well as treating different issues with the body including scars, pigmented lesions, sun damage, sun spots, reduce fine lines, reduce pore size, and acne. These spots can be treated anywhere on your body and is a non-invasive procedure.

Looking for the latest and greatest Palm Beach cosmetic procedures and services? Our Alma Accent laser can treat is fat reduction and tightening of the skin which can include around the jaw area as well as larger body parts like the thighs and stomach. You can see results immediately and does help with cellulite and fat. Please call our office to schedule an initial consult for free and find out what lasers can do for you! Make sure and ask about our payment plans for lasers.

The Alma Accent Laser has been seen on Extra TV Show as well as The Doctors TV Show!!!! Watch below!!! Or Click on this link

Our newest laser, Fraxel laser is used for Repairing and Restoring skin. It can help with fine lines, scars, acne, pigmented lesion and overall firmness of the skin.

It has been seen numerous times on The Today Show. Click this link below to watch.

We also have glycolic and lactic acid peels available at the office. This year we just announced the NEW Renaissance Peel which is a chemical peel from Neova. We have an array of different facials to get as well as massages including hot stone.